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Maxillofacial surgery is a specialty performed by highly skilled surgeons capable of treating benign and malignant pathologies of the facial mass and correcting malformations of the face, maxilla, mandible, and mouth, including congenital malformations, traumatic injuries , tumor lesions, dental pathologies, pathologies of the facial muscles and soft tissues and pathologies of the temporomandibular joints. Maxillofacial surgery is often performed in combination with other branches of surgery, such as plastic surgery, otolaryngology, neurology or oral surgery.

Also experts in the dysfunctions of the temporomandibular joints, our surgeons serenely carry out advanced oral surgery operations such as maxillary sinus lift, bone cysts, wisdom teeth included.

Maxillofacial surgery can vary depending on the pathology to be treated. It usually begins with a pre-op visit, where your doctor will examine the affected area, take measurements, and do imaging tests to further study the area. Based on the results, the doctor may decide to have the patient undergo surgery. During surgery, your doctor may make skin cuts, incise muscles and soft tissue, remove damaged tissue, replace parts of the jaw or jaw, and restore chewing function.

Patients undergoing maxillofacial surgery will be followed at 360 degrees by our specialists throughout the pre- and post-operative process. Among the main pathologies treated by maxillofacial surgery are:

  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pathologies
  • Maxillo-mandibular malformations
  • Surgery of malocclusions and facial dysmorphisms
  • Endoscopy of the nose and paranasal sinuses
  • Traumatology
  • Benign/malignant salivary gland disorders
  • Head and neck and oral cavity oncology
  • Oral and pre-prosthetic surgery
  • Obstructive sleep apnea (OSAS)
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the Face
  • Dentofacial anomalies
  • Fractures of the facial mass
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Benign and malignant pathologies of the salivary glands
  • Sinusitis

Maxillofacial surgery also deals with the correction of congenital malformations such as cleft lip and palate, Apert syndrome, Treacher Collins syndrome, craniofacial dysplasia and Crouzon syndrome.

Our surgeons are highly skilled in performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries to improve both the appearance and function of the face. The surgeries performed by our maxillofacial surgeons may include removal of bone and/or soft tissue, correction of dental malocclusions, arthroscopy and/or arthrocentesis of the temporomandibular joint, insertion of bone prostheses or dental implants , removal of tumors, correction of deformities of the nose and jaw. In general, maxillofacial surgery is a highly specialized specialty that requires extensive surgical training and expertise.

We are committed to ensuring that every patient is treated with the utmost care and attention and to providing them with the necessary support throughout their treatment journey. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with a welcoming and comfortable environment and work closely with them to ensure the best possible results. If you are looking for a team of highly qualified maxillofacial surgeons in Rome, do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our services and to book a visit.

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Via L. Pigorini, 6 interno 4 00162 Roma
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