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Dermatologo PRIVATO ROMA


Many dermatological diseases are an expression of systemic or endocrine pathologies of the human organism. At the Best Care Rome medical center you will have a team of dermatologists at your disposal to solve any type of problem.

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Treatment of severe skin diseases, acute, chronic and allergic dermatitis (nickel, pollen), itching and urticaria, eczema, pruritic dyshidrotic eczema, psoriasis and para-psoriasis, erythema, seborrheic dermatitis face and scalp, itchy dermatitis, dermatomycosis (skin fungi ), desensitizations for allergic diathesis, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), palmar and plantar dyshidrosis, lymphadenitis, dermosifilopathy (venereal skin diseases), itching treatment.

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